Monday, January 7, 2008

Still In Simulation

I had the option of trading live today in an "office account" but chose instead to wait for my own account to be up and running. Thing is, my new software has such a great simulation platform that I may just use it all week instead of actually risking money.

I mean, today was a great market to trade, no doubt. However, it was also a little fast for me. It's amazing how your reaction time slows in just a few weeks out of the market. Also, I'm not "seeing" moves yet... just after the fact.

So I'm going to take it easy and be patient with myself. I'll work out my bugs using play money and when I feel fast and confident I'll start taking risk again. I won't simulate past this Friday, that's for sure.

Here's one trade I screwed up.

You see that circled area? I saw that heavy volume red bar breaking $110 and decided to get short. I was filled at $109.82. Instead of declining further, the stock dropped about 20 cents and then hung out around $110 before ripping up to $111. It would have been a bad trade for me had I been live.

Anyway, so my timing is still off I guess.

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