Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morning Link-Love

First of all, a message from our sponsor:

The IBD says that even if this recent rally holds, there's nothing worth buying as most stocks have yet to form sound technical bases. The process could yet take months.

Now, onto the love.


Bluedog said...

Rally?... Did I miss it?

Bluedog said...

BTW, I liked the link about where BO grew up in the '80s. He has a fascinating history.

I casted my vote last night (absentee) in Cali. :)


JakeGint said...

I casted (sic) my vote last night.

Let me guess... for the Democrat Primary?

The Lonely Trader said...

Oh, and "fucktard" is a word then, genius?

Shane said...

Timothy Sucks link? Wow