Tuesday, January 22, 2008

HPT Lessons Learned

By now, most have you have seen HPT's dramatic blow up video that I posted here the other day. Unfortunately, youtube removed it because he dropped the f-bomb about 3000 times in 10 minutes. Incidentally, I think it's silly that youtube allows kids to post videos of them beating each other up but will remove a video for using the word "Fuck."

That's seriously stupid.

Anyway, check the video below for what HPT learned from his blowup.

Also, kudos to him for using his now wideranging Internet exposure to tout a few charities. Not like I'll donate or anything... but still, it's nice.

And finally, check Tim Knight's parody video of HPT. FUDGE!


tapeworm said...

i hope youtube doesn't start taking down those videos of kids beating each other up..what else would i watch? maria?

Dinosaur Trader said...


Good point. By no means did I mean to say that the after school fight videos should be pulled.