Thursday, January 3, 2008

DT Projects Victory For Huckabee & Obama

Barack Obama, Democratic Caucus Winner, Iowa, 2008

I just got word from my people on the ground in Iowa that Huckabee and Obama are victorious.

The same people who told me yesterday to "stick a fork in Hillary."

Those people are now en route to New Hampshire to get the word on the street before the primary on the 8th. However, early indications are that Hillary is even more screwed. Obama will now gain momentum... he looks good up there as a winner.

I think we have the Democratic nominee, people.

Now, on the Republican side, I find it disturbing that Huckabee could win nationally. I don't think it will happen. He'll be like Pat Robertson despite his attempts to go "populist." I make no predictions about the Republican side other than Romney is done. Stick a fork in that fucker.

Mike Huckabee, Republican Caucus Winner, Iowa, 2008

And I'll say this about Iowans. They're dedicated. Watching them in their dimly lit cafeterias and panel lined living rooms choosing the candidates was a little freaky, but very inspiring.

UPDATE: After listening to Huckabee's victory speech, I feel I underestimated him. He's not Pat Robertson... he's much more likeable.

NOTE: Dodd has dropped out of the race. Biden has dropped out as well.


Anonymous said...

Top notch political coverage dinosaurpundit.

dg.morris said...

Nice call DT. BTW, Huckabee scares the shit out of me. I'm a long time republican and there is no way in hell I would ever vote for the Huckster. Obama is brilliant and I think he has a real chance to go all the way. If the nominees are Huck and Obama, I'll vote for the democrat for the first time in years. Let the republican party commit Huckacide if they want to, Obama looks like a real leader.

Dinosaur Trader said...


As always, I'm here for you.


"Huckacide" did you coin that? It's great.


tapeworm said...

people (media) put way too much emphasis on iowa and new hampshire...the races will be over on super tuesday (when the south votes)...they've held the key for decades, and will continue to do so

the good news (for u DT) is that the jerry springer crowd doesn't like hillary either...the bad news is that, as a whole, that don't particularly like blacks...i hope that obama wins the south too, so we can put this racial bullshit behind us...however, i'm a little skeptical

Dinosaur Trader said...

I'm with you, tapeworm...


KC Equity Trader said...

I think old Huck's religious Baptist background and views won him Iowa, a conservative state. I always thought the NE of the States to be more Catholic so I don't see Huck doing well up there and he has spent a lot of advertising dollars in Iowa. This may have been his strategy to start off hot and see how far it gets him. Time will tell. Reports were that a bunch of young voters came out so we will see if the trend continues.

I am very interested in how Ron Paul will do in the NE. I wish that Ron Paul might get some national coverage so he might actual do some good in government, buy all the major networks seem to be avoiding giving him PR on purpose. Who was that network that donated some money to Hilary? Yea, a crappy one.

Looks like the Democrat race is Obama's to lose. I pray he doesn't pick Hilary. Would Edwards be a bad choice for VP? I don't think so.

I would think it will be Obama vs Romney/Paul for president.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Interesting. I agree that the nomination is now Obama's to lose. Huck will have some trouble in the NE with the religious thing, but he's also got the whole populism thing going which should play well since people are freaked on the economy.

Romney is done. Stick a fork in his plastic head. I'm thinking it will be Huckabee, McCain or Guiliani.