Thursday, January 24, 2008

Civics Exam

Here's a good test to take in an election year. It takes about 20 minutes. Don't cheat!

Let us know what you got via the comment section.

I answered 46 out of 60 questions correctly for a somewhat disappointing, 76.67%.


todd said...

ouch! 60% If it's any consolation to myself, I changed 3 answers that were correct. oooffaa

Dinosaur Trader said...

It was a hard exam... my Dad beat me by 4 points and was giving me shit about it.

But he's old... so I'll get the last laugh.


kiwiguy said...

56/60 93.33%

Not bad for somebody who doesn't live in the United States. :)

Dinosaur Trader said...



Listen... we're looking for someone to run this country over here... are you photogenic?


The Lonely Trader said...

Same exact score. And I went back over the answers...should have scored higher...but then I'm not a very well-read guy when it comes to nineteenth century American and legal history.

Sobering. Confirms that I probably don't deserve my passport and have no business complaining about paying taxes. And my elected leaders should maybe just pay me to abstain so that I and others like me don't tank our political system.

kiwiguy said...

My wife says I was many years ago. :)

I don't think I would want that job (of President) even if someone could give it to me (meaning I wouldn't have to go through the wretched process of campaigning and begging for money). In fact, I think you have to be somewhat delusional to even run for President.

We should get a change of government here this year (for the better). The (likely) new prime minister has a very interesting background. He made a bunch of money (global head of foreign exchange for Merrill Lynch), then returned to NZ to start a career in politics.