Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Retard" To Join The VO

Back in elementary school, being labeled a "retard" was about the worst thing possible. There was one thing worse, being labeled a "gay."

Anyway, imagine purposefully labelling yourself a "retard" and then revelling in this image by creating a whole "retard world" that you reigned over.

I find it all a little disturbing... not to mention politically incorrect.

I mean, I guess if you label yourself a "retard trader" that you're setting your expectations low as far as your trading abilities go. You figure, well, if I do poorly everyone will understand why... if I do well, I win!

I guess it's a way to take the pressure off.

However you open yourself up to different pressures, like being attacked by an army of "retards" and their killing robots.

With that, I reluctantly welcome the Retard Trader to our humble Virtual Office. I'll say this, they have the best looking site in the VO despite their impaired mental faculties.


KC Equity Trader said...

Trying to turn 5k to 100k......looks like you next victim for the VO cemetary.

mrkcbill said...

Turning 5 into 100 would be hard even if you were selling sex or heroin.

HPT said...

I agree with KC, turning 5k-100k trading is undoubtedly a retarded dream that is going to face a harsh reality. Only I am capable of such feats. This will be a very LONG RACE I suspect, that is if they survive the first 9 months.

DT- what Retard are you featuring in the VO, they have lindsey and michael. I noticed there website a few weeks back on BUBS Blog. Kinda cool to hear that there is a female trader out there posting P/L.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Michael is the featured "retard."


Dinosaur Trader said...

However, an open invitation stands for Lindsey.