Monday, December 10, 2007

"The People" Versus Ragin Cajun

As some of you now know, Ragin Cajun (club name "the Rage"), stole from my site this weekend without crediting the artist known as "Secatogue Henry."

I posted "Secatogue's" response over in the Peanut Gallery.

Soon, there will be a contest in the PG to determine if any of its posters are worthy of "gettin' tabbed." Clearly, this theft was a lame attempt by "the Rage" to gain some popularity in the PG.

I am surprised that RC felt the need to "go negative" so early in the race to "get tabbed." Clearly, he understands that picking popular stocks and pasting crazy price targets on them (just because other stocks have made similar moves) won't win him internet glory via his own I.B.C tab.

While this theft is unfortunate it is not surprising coming from "the Gayjun." Sources tell me that in addition to being a serial plagiarizer, RC is also a hater of cute little babies, free market capitalism, and he doesn't "support our troops."

After consulting with "Secatogue" we decided that an intellectual property lawsuit against RC was out of the question. He just doesn't have anything worth suing over. While the fluorescent velvet Elvis poster was tempting on some levels, we let it go.

Instead, RC will get his comeuppance via internet revenge.

UPDATE: "Secatogue Henry" wins again!


Sanglucci said...

Damn DT... you a crazy muthafucka u kno that???

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yes Sanglucci, I know that.


Danny said...

crazy like a fox