Friday, December 7, 2007


What a week...

I don't have too much to write about today. It was one of those days where I thought I was maybe down $200 and then I opened my P&L and found myself down $800. I just couldn't get a winner.

This weekend will be spent going through stock graphs and trying to figure out what went wrong this past week.

One thing I figured out today though was this. Normally, I use 5-minute graphs. When the market is really slow and not volatile, I think I'll use 10 or 15 minute graphs. For some reason, when I have my stocks set to longer time frames, I trade less.

Here's the stats:
P&L, -$963
Best, MBI, $182
Worst, MOS, -$473

18,400 shares traded.
17 stocks traded. 4 winners, 13 losers.


Anything-Goes said...

u've been havng a hard time lately day trading.. dehtrader seems to be rulin these days..

ainkurn said...

DT, I mostly use 5min charts also, but I do switch over the the 15min charts before I take a trade to see if a trend is emerging over the past couple of days. maybe better luck next week.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Yeah, I had a rough week. A stupid week, really.

ainkurn, I'm doing that more often now.