Friday, December 7, 2007

APPLE BUYING AMD!!! Oh.... wait... it's "the Arabs"

FBN flamed out so quickly that I forgot to keep making fun of them. Thank you Thomas for bringing this to my attention.

(hattip, T.R.)

And while this clip is 2 weeks old, the short skirt and the high boots are always timely.


todd said...

how funny! "...the, the, uh, arabs." Brilliant!
Thanks for posting these "news" clips every now and again, I don't get to see the idiocy otherwise. This one here's a classic. And to think Fox BN is in its infancy, imagine what's to come!!

HPT said...

The make CNBC anchors look smart.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yes... still I'll never say, "Thank you God, for CNBC."

Dinosaur News Network? Could that work?


todd said...

DNN (Dinosaur News Network)! Make it happen! I'd get cableTV for that, 'cuz you know CBS would buy it from you.

Bluedog said...

What a bunch of f'in idiots. I feel sorry for the guys who bought AMD in the minutes they thought AAPL was buying into them. Especially given the speculation that AAPL is developing flash based hard drives for their upcoming laptops. In any case, nice link, DT!!