Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weekend "Conversation" At Dino's Place

So all I plan on doing is opening up a thread and letting people have at it in the comments section. I mean, there's no reason why people can't do that now, so I'm not sure how successful this "idea" will be, but I just want to try to foster more of a conversation here.

Earnings season is coming up. I'd love people to just discuss swing trades they are planning on making, stocks they'll be watching in the coming week, etc.

Or you can discuss politics, music, books, whatever. If you want to say something, say it here on the weekends.

Why? Because I'm too busy on most weekends to post "properly" but throwing in comments here and there could be fun.

It's your forum, use it!


Jawbreaker said...

Hey DT, Hope all is well my friend. I think the VIX is over -do for a bounce. I really hope we get some nice volotility before the end of the year. Besides today, its been so slow with such low volume days that it really takes alot of mental disapline to just sit in front of the computor. At least for me lately. Take care,-Tony

Dinosaur Trader said...


Same here. If you've been following along, I've been struggling this last week. I just can't believe the volume! It's completely dead!

Daytrading is good for days like today, but without the volatility I think swing trading is where I'm going to start putting more energy.

Hope all is well,