Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Stock Earnings

Again, no stocks that I love to trade.

You've all heard about the big BK miss... BAC miss... there are other banks out there reporting today as well. WM, BBT, CBH, PNC and STI.

I'll also be watching SPWR pretty closely. That solar sector has been acting like a flaming ball of death to the shorts.

Finally, just for movement, I'll check out CTXS, ILMN, SYK and PH.

Could be a fun day. Especially if FXI goes to $0. DIE!! FXI! DIE!!


TraderCaddy said...

Good for you. FXI is down (as you know) about 5% in the pre-market. Take the day off and go surfing but put a stop to cover order in first.

Edwin said...

Hey DT, I think you're mistaking BAC for BK. BAC missed, leading the market down, while BK beat and is up premarket. Thanks man, have a good day.

newequity said...

You ready to lose money today...

Dinosaur Trader said...


Thanks! I wish I could surf. Man, it's been flat for weeks!


Dinosaur Trader said...


You're absolutely correct. I will fix my post. Thanks for the heads up.

Keep on keeping on,


p.s. newequity, enjoy your day.

wincity said...

You go, Dino. DIE FXI! Nothing makes me happier than seeing pigs slaughtered.

High Probability Trader said...

Hey New Equity,
Your a piece of shit!
Have a nice day.