Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Blow Up Artist

In case you missed it, here's a great article about Victor Niederhoffer from The New Yorker, one of my favorite magazines.

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artha said...


Thanks for the link. I read the article in bits and pieces throughout the day, in between getting the kids ready for school, watching the market dive, feeling my stomach churn, and hating myself for not being more comfortable shorting.

In any case, what a fascinating and eccentric man he is! LaBogola theory, looking for parallels between companies and tree ecology, investing in the Thai market based on “…brothels in Bangkok had recently become much cleaner and safer…” Have they made a movie about him? His life certainly has all the ingredients.

There was a great quote in the article by Irving Redel:

“To be a great trader you need discipline. You have to have certain strategies that you follow, but you also have to have the flexibility to know when it is going wrong. And you have to know to never go beyond what you can afford to lose.”

Ahh, if I only had the discipline, the strategies, the flexibility (ok I have that thanks to yoga)...