Thursday, October 4, 2007

Swing Trades

Okay, since I was AWOL for most of yesterday, I didn't have a chance to update my swing trading.

On a general note, swing trading is going well. Though I started small, I've almost doubled the $2000 I started with at the beginning of September... and that's after getting smashed in QID into the FED cut.

Anyway, here are the updates:

Yesterday, I short 300 ANW @ $37.21. I covered 100 @ $37.18 and 100 @ $36.24. The last 100 I plan on letting ride.

I covered my LAZ short. 100 @ $45.22 and 100 @ 46.08.

Today I added to my DSL long. 100 shares @ $59.09.

Today I short 100 shares of JRJC. 100 shares @ $42.03.

So for now, my account reads:

-100 ANW
-100 JRJC
50 POT
100 NMX
300 DSL

UPDATE: I covered my last 100 shares of ANW @ $34.72... I guess I need to work on patience... but really, I'm happy with that drop for the day. Ahead of employment numbers I don't want too much exposure.


OBAT said...

NMX looking good. Broke out of 130 and holding strong. Looks like it might break out again tomorrow.

Doesn't look like an easy stock to daytrade with those wide spreads and violent moves. Swing trading it looks like the way to go.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Yeah, I've never had any luck daytrading him that's for sure!

I like the daily a lot. I wonder what would happen though if the speculation about being bought by the NYX dies...