Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spiritualized, "Electricity"

I had such a great morning surfing, and was feeling so "amped" (to use the slang that "the kids" use) that I came in planning to post this song right away.

Then, I started trading and I realized the song was perfect for today's trade as well. As Momo said over on his site, today is "one of those days" where you can either make a lot, or lose a lot. And already, at 11:13, I've done both.

I'm not particularly happy about it by the way, as I'm currently at the low end of my range. And I'm also "out of the market" suddenly. Like, I've lost the "electricity" needed to trade right now.

When you're in a fast market and then get out, it's sometimes hard to get back in.


Bluedog said...

Hey DT. I figured you were out surfing. Wallstreak is down. Surf here is squishy. Not much. I have another fire day at work so am working from home.

I'm curious how your swing positions are doing. What are you in now?


Dinosaur Trader said...

Yeah, I've been meaning to update but I haven't found the time.

Currently, I'm long 100 KMT. My account took a hit with that DSL shit.


Bluedog said...

Good luck with KMT. I'm thinning the herd and am looking for new positions right now. I'm not seeing much that I like, though. It's frustrating to have cash just sitting there.