Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Member Of The VO, "Stewie"

That's right. Just when you thought the VO couldn't get any "bigger" there we go with another expansion.

While some of you may not know Stewie, he's famous over at Wallstreak where he routinely makes gobs of money while scaring bears out of the market. And I'd link to Wallstreak, but that would probably crash it's servers...

He has a no-frills type blog where he discusses his trades, discusses what it's like to have a football-shaped head, and explains that the market will continue to go up, forever.

Go check it out.

Meanwhile, I also want to extend the invitation to any traders out there who want to share their P&L via the comments section. I know there's that idiotic P&L thread over at "elitetrader" (where I refuse to link) but really, who wants to read through that crap!

It's much more fun here. Tell all your friends.


Glenn said...

good to hear. I read your blog Stewie, keep up the good work!

Stewie said...

Thanks DT for the Intro.

artha said...

Welcome Stewie. Looking forward to seeing your impressive numbers.

DT - if you get enough traffic on your blog, you might become a buy-out candidate, or at least get a few sugar daddies as sponsors.

Stewie said...

well, i don't know about 'impressive numbers' but I will try my best that's for sure. I gotta pay the bills.

Thanks Artha.

Trading Goddess said...

What's up with eliteTrader? Can you save me some dd time and give it to me straight?

Dinosaur Trader said...


Some jackass moderator gave me trouble once for mentioning my site after it had already been mentioned by someone else in the thread.

Instead of being cool about it, he sent me some sacrasm-laden message. When I wrote him back calling him on being a jackass, he never responded.

I haven't been back since.


Dinosaur Trader said...


Interesting article, thank you.

Let it be known that my blog is currently for sale for $2 million USD.

I will link it...