Friday, October 26, 2007

Leaving Early To Go See Bats

That's right... it's Halloween... big holiday when you have a kid.

So everything will be late. My apologies... whatever.

Don't forget to stop by this weekend and get involved in some conversation. Also, if you haven't already, go take the personality test. Let us know what type of psychopath you are.

Meanwhile, as for the "deathmatch," as I type this, the Dow is up 119 so I would lose.

Time will tell.

Still, feel free to provide me with some possible pictures to use as Ragin's icon.

UPDATE: As I'm getting ready to leave I see the Dow is back below 100... it's 3:23 and up 93.64. Nice. Get those picture ideas in the comment section. I need one for Ragin and one for Sloth.


UWSvamp said...

Isn't Halloween on October 31st? C'mon DT - if you're going to celebrate pagan holidays with your daughter, at least do it right.

Anyone else hate it when adults have "costumes mandatory" Halloween parties? Give me a beer - f*ck your costumes.

lawrence said...

hey hey ... still have an hour to go dow might just dive down in the last 30 minutes lol ... = )

newequity said...
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newequity said...

Nice try.

Stewie said...

DT. you'll be sporting a sweet new look on monday. You are the MAN! I call for more death matches!

High Probability Trader said...

You are going to be called Gay Space invader TRADER with that new avatar of yours. Sry dude.

Dinosaur Trader said...

It's all good. While I have a short term perspective regarding stock trading, when it comes to revenge, I have a very long term perspective.

I win everything in the end.