Thursday, September 6, 2007

Stock Market Blogs Worth Checking Out

That is when you've finished reading through all that Dinosaur Trader has to offer. Which, if I may humbly point out, is a shitload.

You may wonder, why is this guy posting so much today? Well, I'll tell you... I got smoked. Details to follow.

Anyway, I've been away... not trading, not really blogging. Meanwhile, there are loads of people out there writing insightful funny blog posts everyday. At this point you could turn off the TV and read blogs. They're just more fun. Seriously, the TV is for stupid people. Trust me. If you don't think so... well... then you may just be stupid.

Here are a couple of good blogs that I've noticed recently.

First of all, yesterday, over at Wallstreak, we were talking about inspirational quotes. We discussed George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, Yoda, Ms. South Carolina.... Anyway, here is a stock blog that is pretty darn inspirational if you're into that kind of thing. It's called Ticker Tape Trader. Go get inspired.

But perhaps you don't want to be inspired. Maybe you're the type who hates people and is waiting for the world to end. You want to stockpile gold and grains so that when the end comes (and you tell everyone it's coming soon) you can sit behind your weapons cache and shoot at your poor neighbors when they come to your house begging for food. For you malcontents and misanthropes there is the well written and funny blog, Trading The Apocolypse. Go get your doom on.

Maybe you're somewhere in between. You hope the world doesn't end, inspiration is cool but gadgets from Apple are cooler. Well then perhaps you'll enjoy Toddstrade. He is a beginning daytrader... or, the opposite of me, the Dinosaur. Do Dinosaurs feed off the rookie daytraders of the world or do the rookies chip away at the Dinosaur's profits... who knows? Probably a little of both.

Also, I have updated my blogroll by adding the Wall Street Warrior. Rumor has it that if you visit his blog daily you will get laid and come into lots of money.

If any of you can substantiate that rumor, please report back.

That is all.


Attitude Trader said...

Whoa! I thought I was the only "you gotta feel it" guy around here. Ticker Tape Trader has the volume turned all the way up on that subject. Nice find.


Dinosaur Trader said...


Yeah, it's good stuff. He needs an "attitude index" though. You have that patented yet?


Attitude Trader said...

I'll worry about that after I find out whether it does me any good or not. ;)