Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Member Of The VO

I'm happy to announce yet another new member of the VO, Akalawoo.

I hadn't come across his blog yet when he contacted me about membership. He passed the psychological exam with flying colors. However, I'm still awaiting results of the urine sample to make sure he's not on steroids. It's a little known fact that both Woodshedder and Dehtrader were kicked from the VO because of their massive steroid intake...

Akalawoo is a stock options trader. Stranger still, he specializes in GS and GOOG.

Of course, I warned him that being an options trader ranks him below the two futures traders.

As I've said in the past, the VO will be "full" when we reach a total of 10 traders. Then, if more stock traders wish to join, all of the lunatics who trade things other than stock will be shown the exit. It's that simple. We discriminate here at Dinosaur Trader. If you don't trade stock, you're a second class citizen.

Further, should we get over 10 traders who wish to join, I plan on making the VO into a pit of competitiveness where only the strong will have their numbers posted and linked each day. That's when the real fun would begin.

So, with that said, please welcome Akalawoo and visit his blog.


Woodshedder said...

Truthfully, you kicked me off because I can shred surf like you only dream of. Admit it. Funny that Yankees consider themselves "surfers."

Dinosaur Trader said...


I surfed Cape Hatteras in my younger days. It wasn't bad, until my session was done and I went into a "Deli" to get an egg sandwich. The man behind the counter told me the "omelette chef" wasn't around.

That's when I knew I was in the wrong land.

I almost commented on that Boomer post about breakfast in the south over at "the Fly's" but I decided to let it go...