Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Puppies! Puppies!"

This commercial makes me sick on many levels... I'll let you watch it and choose what you hate about it.

Anyway, they play it over and over again on CNBC.


dg.morris said...

I agree, the first thoughts that come to mind are "material greed", "exploitation of children", and "outright dishonesty". I'm all for capitalism and wealth creation but these commercials ooze filth. BTW, hope your wife is doing better. Good luck today!

Dinosaur Trader said...


Agree on all fronts about the commercial.

My wife is still extremely tired and most alarming of all, "winded" even by going up and down the stairs... we're keeping a close eye on things. Thanks for asking.

Meanwhile, I've let her know that my "sympathy" will only last so long and that the "frontier women" never suffered from such ailments.