Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Neighbor

I hate his leaf-blowing, wood chipping ass.

Seriously the guy just blew some leaves into a pile (it's windy here... a rake could have done the job in half the time) and then proceeded to pick the leaves up in clumps, throwing them into his woodchipper, "making more" leaves.


Or, I could just be upset because I'm getting completely smoked. Currently, I'm down well past my limit which means I can no longer enter any new positions. So I'm left with this situation. I have 1800 shares of a thin, crappy stock. Do I sell it and accept my loss or do I just hold this piece of shit all day knowing that it's my only hope at regaining any of my lost money?

I could just go to the beach and let the chips fall where they may. When I get home I could either be exactly where I am now, -$1750 or down double that, or I could be positive again. My gut tells me the stock is moving higher today.

Since I've never done this before, and as an exercise in losing my attachment to money, I'm going to walk away and just post the graph here for your pleasure.

I'll be back at 3:59 to close the position. Wish me luck.


I'm under no illusions here, I got pretty lucky. Okay, very lucky. Anyway, maybe my neighbor isn't such a bad guy after all, he drove me out of my house, into the surf and away from the computers.


wincity said...

It's a garbage stock riding the bull market, IMO. However, the market is still strong so it could very well go up 10% today. Wish you luck.

High Probability Trader said...

The stocks going to 25, get out now. Heavy volume at its high a few days ago. Who wouldn't sell after almost doubling in a month. I'll be the pessimist.

PS- The stock futures absolutely suck to trade this week, choppy bullshit.

tapeworm said...

i wish u luck...u may want to reconsider the self imposed trading limits that u have...the whole idea of the limits are to keep u from self seems that what u are doing is quite risky

now let me get back to my self destructive habits :-)

Bluedog said...

ANW is a whore! At least it's recovered a little. I hope it holds for you or recovers even more before you get back. You have some balls walking away like that!

I'm trading super conservatively after getting my face punched out yesterday.

Good luck, bro!!


newequity said...

You lucky POS, I was hoping for a big blow up to wipe you out sucker.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I hope you got short!


tapeworm said...

newequity: have u been listening to tony robbins again? your posts are dripping with inspiration

Dinosaur Trader said...

Good one, tapeworm!

Neweq is inspiring in a way... he inspires me to be more positive.


High Probability Trader said...

New Equity, Why don't you start a blog so I can leave nice comments on all your posts.