Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bull Run

Ah well, get out of the way of the bulls (again).

I'm ready to buy stock again. Bernanke cured me of my bearishness. I'm more convinced than ever that this game is completely rigged in the bull's favor and that really, it's a big waste of time trying to short the market... at least longer term.

They always save the bulls.

Anyway, I'm shot. Oddly enough, I made my best trade of the day in the morning... on the short side in LAZ.

After the LEH numbers, all the financial stocks gapped higher. This provided and excellent and easy opportunity to get short. I got short LAZ in the high $41 area and covered when it slammed below $41 at around 9:45.

It's funny looking at that graph. I mean, why didn't I get massively long the stock at 2:15, right? I had to make things difficult by being all bearish. Silly me!

Anyway, after the FED pasted the bears, I got long UBB and made good money there too. It was hard not to...

Of course, I was still stupid and gave back money trying to short HXM... why would I try to short when the FED cut 50bp? I really, truly thought the market would panic on that news and that after that huge run that we'd pull back and go negative.

I really thought that and it crippled me from making huge money today. I was skittish in all of my longs and looking short!

This really strikes home the point about being neutral-minded when trading the markets. Look at the graphs and let them tell you what is happening in the market. Get any bullishness or bearishness out of your head and just trade.

Anyway, here's the stats.

P&L, $2757
Best, LAZ,
Worst, HXM, -$432

47,200 shares traded.
18 stocks traded, 12 winners, 6 losers.
180 trades.


Bluedog said...

Good commentary, DT. Sometimes it can be very difficult to leave emotion or prior experience aside and just look at the chart. You obviously were able to get bullish (yay!) in time to bank coin. Congrats on another good day!


zotium said...

same here, i got crippled trading from the long side and looking to short the rally, wtf.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yeah, well being stubbornly bearish after the "panic" in February cost me March and April, my first two negative months of my career.

So, I'm trying to learn from my mistakes.

I'm ready to be free of conviction and just worry about making money.