Monday, August 6, 2007

Virtual Office, $10049. Dow, +286.87, 13468.78.

Misstrade, $9285 on 6000 shares traded.
Me, $1313 on 105,200 shares traded.
HPT, $400 on 32 contracts traded.
OBAT, $43 on 2600 shares traded.
Denarii, no stock trades.
Bubs, vacation
Evolution, -$992 on 58,200 shares traded.

Oh man... what a crazy market we are trading.

I was angry at myself all day for missing all of the opportunity that this rally offered. I mean, I saw it coming from 100 miles away in the financials and I still largely missed it. It wasn't easy out there but the opportunity was huge if you caught things right, as Misstrade did.

This was a strange rally. The volume was good, no complaints there... and how can you complain about 287 points, you can't! However since this rally was largely led by the financials, a sector that has been severely beaten down lately, it makes me think that a good share of the buying could have been short covering. One other worrying factor is the AD line... it was about flat. Normally if you see the market take off like it did today you'd expect to see the AD line much stronger.

Anyway, whatever the case, 287 on the Dow is impressive. And, Bob Pisani is on vacation, so that's always good... let's see what Ben and the Fed bring us tomorrow.


Narrow Edge Trader said...

Hi Dino. what exactl is the 'virtual office'?


Dinosaur Trader said...


It is everything and nothing all at once.

Simply a place where I post some popular blogger's P&L stats for the day. I do it so people can come and see in one place how trader's with different styles have fared for the day.

I only invite those with active blogs (who trade everyday) so that I can link them under the "virtual office" area and people can click on their name and see how they make money.

You're welcome to join, you meet all the stringent requirements. :)