Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The "Tick Fairy"

I'm not talking about NYSE "ticks", here, I'm referring to the tiny disease ridden parasites that thrive where I live.

This past weekend, I filled up my daughter's inflatable pool and placed it on the back patio. She was splashing around, talking about farm animals and puppets and generally having a blast.

That's when I noticed a small black dot under her right armpit.

"What's that under your armpit?"

Immediately, she scowled at me and tucked her arm tight against her body. Taking a look at the "black dot" let alone prying it off, would not be easy. She sensed trouble... "I want Mommy!"

Thus summoned, Judy came outside and in her sing-songy voice said, "Let me see what's under your arm, honey!" My daughter tersely replied, "No! You will not look under my arm!"

We stepped into the house. Extreme cajoling and perhaps force would be required here. I quietly closed all the windows.

In the next 45 minutes, the myth of the "tick fairy" was created. This particular fairy collects dead, blood swollen ticks and in return, gives little children gifts. What does she do with the dead ticks? She collects them in jars and juices them. This juice, in turn, powers her little fairy-mobile with which she delivers her presents.

While we improvised this rather disturbing story, my daughter looked at us with a face that more or less said, "Wow... that's completely messed up" but importantly, let us remove the tick.

The tick fairy brought her a little doll, that of course, was made in China.

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Woodshedder said...

I get immense pleasure from burning ticks with a lighter, until they pop. Oooohhhh so satisfying!

Dinosaur Trader said...

I haven't tried that.

I normally bathe them in alcohol and watch with pleasure as their little limbs slowly stop moving.

I'll have you know that ticks are the only insect I will kill. All others are welcome here... except mosquitos... I kill them too.


Prospectus said...

That's awesome! Great story. I can relate, especially to having to close the windows :) We've had to resort to head lice bribes once, but there was no lice-mobile involved LOL