Friday, August 17, 2007

Subaru And Greenwash

UPDATE: Subaru has responded to this post, so I've bumped it. See their response in the comments section. I still say the ads suck and are misleading. However, I give them props for stopping the "Dinosaur Trader public relations nightmare blitzkreig" from having a chance to develop.

I've been waiting to find this damn commercial on Youtube for awhile. They play it over and over again on CNBC.

A guy, with a little stubble, wearing "natural fiber" clothing standing among trees talking about how nice Subaru is to the environment. Ah yes! The air is so crisp and clean at the Subaru auto plant! LOL!


Here's the real deal.

If Subaru is so damned friendly to the environment, why did they raise the clearance of the Outback so that it could be classified as a small truck? Was it to help the little bunnies, deer and trees at their "environmentally friendly plant" in Indiana?

Nope. It was to exploit a loophole that would allow the Outback to get WORSE FUEL ECONOMY.

Now, if you totalled the extra carbon emitted from the millions of the very popular Outbacks on the road today that now get fewer miles per gallon due to the exploitation of this loophole, I'd venture a guess that it dwarfs the carbon saved from their little "green plant" in Indiana that they tout so highly.

So to Subaru I say, "Fuck you!" for lying to the consumers.

To you, the consumer, I say, beware "greenwash" and let Subaru know that they aren't duping you.


JakeGint said...

Fark Al Gore, and the nutty greens.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Ummm... yeah, DAMN GREENS!

All crazy. Like, maybe my car can run on orange juice! Idiots. All we need to do is blow some shit up and we get all the oil we need.

Oh, and you stupid "greens" it's not "greenhouse gases" or whatever "AL SNORE" says that heat the environment... it's the SUN. DUH!

Stupid greens.


Dinosaur Trader said...


Thank you for visiting the Subaru Web site and for your message. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. As you did not provide us with an email address in your message to us, we obtained your email address from your blog. You do not list any of your information on your blog, such as your name. Therefore, we were unable to check our records to see if you were a Subaru owner and if you had any concerns with your vehicle that you brought to our attention. If you do have concerns with Subaru other than what is noted on your blog, please feel free to reply to this message with your concerns, being sure to include your name and mailing information and the VIN for your Subaru vehicle.

The reclassification that you are concerned with occured with our 2005 Outback models.

Of most importance, some of the EPA mileage estimates for the 2005 4-cylinder Outback models are slightly improved from the 2004 models.

The EPA mileage estimates for the 2004 and 2005 Outback 4-cylinder models are:

2004 4-cylinder Outback Wagons - 21/28 (manual) and 22/28 (auto) (city/highway)
2005 4-cylinder Outback Wagons - 23/28 (manual) and 22/28 (auto) (city/highway)

The EPA mileage estimates for the 6-cylinder Outback models has slightly decreased.

2004 6-cylinder Outback models - 19/26 (auto) (city/highway)
2005 6-cylinder Outback models - 19/25 (auto) (city/highway)

The completely redesigned 2005 model year Outback models were classified according to NHTSA as a light duty truck to meet customer demand for more SUV-type features. The new Outback exceeds the NHTSA light duty truck standards on 4 of 5 requirements including break over angle, departure angle, running clearance, and axle clearance. In fact, there were many enhancements made to the 2005 Outback models including improved ground clearance, increased towing capacity, increased horsepower, and a stronger, more athletic appearance. In keeping with the original product concept of utility without compromise, we have made equally significant enhancements to Outback with car-like characteristics including improved safety, better handling, greater comfort and increased fuel economy. In addition, we added a higher level of luxury with premium appointments inside and out.

The 2005 Outback met Federal and California emission standards for light duty trucks -- which are as stringent as light duty vehicles. The fuel economy for the 4-cylinder models has been improved as well through weight reduction and improved efficiency of the engine and transmission, and a reduced coefficient of drag. Changes in body construction and metals allowed us to make the new Outback 180 pounds lighter than the 2004 model.

Every 2005 Outback comes equipped with standard occupant protection features that include front-seat side impact air bags, side curtain air bags, and new, intelligent dual-stage deployment front air bags. Additionally, every 2005 Outback features active head restraints and a new safety brake pedal system to help reduce risk of lower leg injury. A stiffer body structure, the longer wheelbase, a wider track, larger wheels and tires, and a lower engine position all contribute to the most stable and sure-footed Outback ever.


John J. Mergen
Subaru of America, Inc.
Customer/Dealer Services Department