Friday, August 17, 2007

Daily Show: Great China Recall

Watch how he rips our friend Erin Burnett apart at the end. Note too that I highlighted her stupidity in this post a few days before it got to the Daily Show.

Mr. Stewart? Please... if you're reading I would much rather write some good, ass-kicking comedy than trade. Just don't plagiarize me or I'll sue you. Shoot me an email.

NOTE: Screw Maria and her Junior Park Ranger pin....


todd said...

I've gotta say, I really enjoy your commentary on the talking head sheeple of the cable networks. I don't have cable TV so I miss out on the idiocy that is often spewed. I can't get enough of the Maria rants. Funny stuff. And you were totally ripped on that Erin Burnett story. I think those comedy central folks are leeching ideas off of you.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I'm glad it's not obvious only to me that they're ripping me off.

Damn you Jon Stewart!

Anyway, CNBC has been giving me so many opportunities to mock them. I could devote an entire blog to it... I let most of them go. However, they now have their own label "CNBC Stupidity" so I don't plan on lightening up on them anytime too soon.

Have a great weekend,