Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Surf, Trade, Some Humor

Winds are just messing up the waves right now. I actually wrote a fairly long post last night about the waves and currents but it's not ready for the blog yet. Too sloppy... like the surf.

So this was the first morning in a week where I didn't wake at 5am to go to the beach. While I missed getting in the water first thing, I feel I benefited greatly from the extra sleep. Winds will shift tonight and I'll be back in the water tomorrow.

As for trade, that BAC investment in CFC is huge. If we can close today with good gains on strong volume, I may have to change my tune about the direction of the market.

Meanwhile, the video below should act as a warning to those of you who pay too much attention to the market and not enough attention to the world around you. Kind of... not really actually. It's just a Monty Python thing.

Enjoy "The Dull Life Of A City Stockbroker."

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