Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lou Reed, "Perfect Day"

I'm in this video. See if you can pick me out.


Bluedog said...

The roller skater at 1:20?

BD :)

High Probability Trader said...

I can't believe I watched that whole video to try and spot you,,, I was looking for a dinosaur with a surf board walking down wall street!

Anonymous said...

DT, I have made my pick, is this you? Please let me know when and where I can claim my prize.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Good choices!

Mdawsz, that may have been me in a couple of months had I not "banked coin" with all the volatility.

Meanwhile, BD if you're ever in the city, you have to go to Central Park and check out those skaters. It's great. There are some really talented people having a blast out there on old-fashioned roller skates.