Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weekend Blogger

Just a reminder. Please remember that this weekend there will be a few weekend posts courtesy of a man called "bloggerdotcom".

I don't know much about what he will be posting. It could be about stocks, it could be some really hot internet porn, who knows?

Thing is, be sure to check it out.


tamandem said...


With all the trading you do, how do you manage the tax part of tracking all those trades? You use an integrated system (Quicken to Turbotax), or throw bags of paper at an accountant?

Thx. E

Dinosaur Trader said...


Because I'm a prop trader, I work for a company so I get a k1 each year.

I'm sure that I've been getting "screwed" on taxes since I first began trading... but I'd rather not worry about it.


JJ2000426 said...
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