Monday, July 2, 2007

Virtual Office, $1573. Dow, +126.81, 13535.43.

Misstrade, $832 on 6000 shares traded.
Me, $314 on 3200 shares traded.
HPT, $204 on 10 contracts traded.
Evolution, $154 on 37,500 shares traded.
OBAT, $69 on 400 shares traded.

Volume was light today, but not awful. I bet this was will be the highest volume day of the week though, as people will leave for the Hamptons on Tuesday afternoon and stay out all week long. Based on my blog volume alone, I feel lots of people are already gone.

Next Monday hopefully, we'll be full staffed again.

Anyway, all the action in the indexes basically happened in the first half hour of the day and then we fell into a range. It was a strong day, but choppy and on light volume. Not optimal trading conditions. So, it's good to see that everyone finished in the green for the day.

Tomorrow is a half day for the exchange and therefore it will be a half day for the VO as well.

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