Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Falcor The Urinator

Since my cat recently started to urinate outside the box again, I got a kick out of this video. We called the vet and told him about the problem. He offered to bring the "blue juice" and end the problem (no kidding!) but we're not ready to kill "Doc" just yet.

So picture a small room filled with screens radiating heat. It's 90 degrees and humid. I'm sweating onto my keyboard and probably trading TNH. My daughter is having a tantrum downstairs because she wants "the red cup, not the blue cup" and the thick odor of cat urine is wafting up the stairs and sitting in the office with me.

Actually, it's not just sitting in the office with me... cat urine has more of a presence. It's kind of tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Hey, I'm cat piss and I'm the least of your worries". Just putting it all into perspective for me.

I offer that picture in case you ever thought about working from home.

It's not all clear starry skies. And with that, meet "Falcor".


OBAT said...

I read this cooling tip somewhere. Put a bowl ice in front of your fan. It should make your fan a lot cooler.

I thought cats instinctively know how to pee or poop in a litter box. Have you tried fabreez for the cat urine?

Dinosaur Trader said...


We bought this high powered enzyme-activated stuff. Still no good. The vet says, "he just doesn't want to go in the box anymore".

Interesting cooling tip, I'll give it a try.