Thursday, July 12, 2007

Congressman Mark Kirk Is A Coward

Watch as Congressman Mark Kirk refuses to even acknowledge this Iraq vet when asked about his position on the war.

I mean, don't just ignore the guy. Aren't our elected representatives suppossed to do just that, "represent" us? When did they get so high that they refuse to even speak to their constituents?

If he's afraid of the camera and doesn't want to be "zinged" at least have the balls to turn to the guy, say "I'll talk to you but not on camera" and put the ball back in the cameraman's court. As it is, it just looks like cowardice, nothing more, nothing less.

I read a great biography about Teddy Roosevelt not so long ago. There were days where he would just shake hands and talk to "the people" all day in front of the White House. Can you imagine?

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