Monday, June 4, 2007

Virtual Office, -$1261. Dow, +8.21, 13676.32.

Misstrade, $700 on 10,600 shares traded.
Me, $116 on 31,400 shares traded.
Denarii, $37 on 1400 shares traded.
Dehtrader, -$394 on 7800 shares traded.
EvolutionTrader, -$1720 on 58,400 shares traded.

A negative day for the VO is a rarity, but today we are seeing red.

Misstrade had what he termed a "flat" day but still had enough in the tank to rise to the top of the pack. I made about $100 on my first trade of the day. Had I known the rest of the day was going to be one big churn, I would have stopped at 9:40.

On the downside, ET got a little smoked. Luckily, he started the month off well on Friday so he's not in any real trouble. Check his site to see what happened.

Let's hope we do better tomorrow. The volume in the market today was pathetic perhaps tomorrow we can see a pick-up.

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