Monday, June 4, 2007

Dan Deacon, "Wham City"

Technically, this is a "stock market blog" since that is what I do for a living and because it's the fuel that feeds the drama of my everyday life.

However, you should know, I don't give a damn about stocks or the stock market and, in fact, I don't like most people who do.

It's just one of the ironies of my life.

Anyway, it's 10:40 and the "NYSE is having streetwide issues". In other words, I have a bunch of orders hanging and I'm not sure if I've been filled or not. In these situations, the rule is, I lose money. So, I'm going to sit and wait until I hear that things are okay again with the damn SIAC lines or whatever is causing the trouble this time...

Whatever your thoughts on the Hybrid Market may be, I don't think anyone can argue that since its implementation there have been far more days where "streetwide issues" effect trade. Remember the 500 point drop in February?

Anyway, here's another great song. Courtesy of the Pitchfork Media Forkcast.

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