Thursday, May 3, 2007


It's a real snoozer out there today folks. So, after churning a little in the morning, I decided to take a walk.

Spring migrants are pouring in. I saw my first White-Eyed Vireo of the year. I don't see too many of these birds, so I was pretty happy about it.

With pics like this on my site, Trading Goddess has to be more than a little nervous about the traffic she's bound to lose due to the competition, no?

Anyway, volume is a little less than yesterday, and yesterday was already light. I have a question... WHEN IS THIS MARKET GOING TO DROP? Just wondering. If anyone knows, please clue us all in by means of that "comment" button down there. You don't have to tell us exactly when or why, just let us know your feelings.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you let everyone know, then it won't be the top would it...? haha
But should be soon (couple more % up?), when all the bulls just starting to get comfortable... :)

Woodshedder said...

I saw above avg. vol. on the Nas. Wednesday, and great volume on the Nas. on Tuesday. I disagree with you Dino, and think that recently volume has been moving with price. Now 2 weeks ago, I would have absolutely agreed with you.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I don't doubt you're correct about the Nas. Since I trade NYSE, I check that volume.

Monday: 1,711,091k
Tuesday: 1,772,550k
Wednesday: 1,680,907k
Thursday: 1,583,170k

I'd like to see volume burgeoning as we break into new high ground. Without strong volume, I feel like instititional money is hedging or they're already bought in...