Thursday, May 3, 2007

Boards of Canada, "Beautiful Place In The Country"

Maybe you're not lucky... Maybe you have to sit in an office all day. Here's a video and song that will make you feel like you're "outside" if you catch my drift.


TraderD said...

Yep..Thats Canada alright! I would spend some time talking about the different forms of wildlife but my satellite dish just fell off the top of my igloo and I need to fix it before the market opens. At least we don't have cable up here! :)

Dinosaur Trader said...


I was in Ontario last June. The road map I have doesn't do the place justice... they crammed Ontario onto one page (it's a map of the US, so I can't blame them too much) and it felt like it took us FOREVER to drive across.

Love Canada though... especially Newfoundland. Would like to buy a house there. Montreal is a great city... probably my second or third favorite city in N.A.