Friday, April 13, 2007

Virtual Office, $3207

TradeWhileWorking, $1667 on 2000 shares traded.

Misstrade, $1400 on 4000 shares traded.

NYSE Scalper, $426 on 68,600 shares traded.

Evolution Trader, $307 on 32,500 shares traded.

One Bad-Ass Trader, -$112 on 4800 shares traded.

Me, -$480 on 20,000 shares

A pretty solid day overall for the VO.

TWW, had a nice day while not trading much. Misstrade keeps on humming along, while the Scalper had a nice rebound from yesterday. ET took it a little easy today but booked some small gains.

Looks like it just wasn't the best week for me and OBAT. Perhaps we'll get our acts together for the earnings season.

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