Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekly Stats For The Week Ending 3/23

Monday: $236

Best: HRT, $203
Worst: POT, -$113

8 stocks traded: 4 positive, 4 negative

Tuesday: vacation
Wednesday: vacation

Thursday: $142

Best: IPS, $192
Worst: MTW, $78

13 stocks traded: 6 positive, 7 negative

Friday: $437

Best: RDN, $467
Worst: FED, $128

16 stocks traded: 7 positive, 9 negative

Overall, I'm pretty happy how this week turned out. Yes, I missed the huge rally on Wednesday, but as JC eloquently posted over at A Scalper's Tale, "If I were to constantly mull over missed moves or mull over how much potential profit I could have taken had I been there, I'd probably second-guess myself at every turn and on every decision I make..."

True, true, JC.

Anyway, I had 3 positive days in a row. I averted a huge disaster on Monday, took a couple of days to clear my head and finished the week pretty strong.

Next week will be a somewhat dramatic one for me because in my 8 years of trading I've never had a net-negative month. I'm currently down a few thousand dollars for the month. I will have to have a solid week to pull positive and keep my streak alive.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for reading.

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