Monday, May 4, 2009

Beginner's Mind

I'm back in the saddle. After a two day trading break and a weekend of strong surf I feel much better.

This job is like no other in that there is no linear progress. If you were a player 5 years ago, or "ghetto fabulous" even, that doesn't guarantee that you'll be worth shit today. Past success means nothing and future success is no guarantee. The best you can do is work hard, keep yourself healthy, and focus on the market that is in front of you.

So that said, I'm starting today with the mindset of a new trader. I have withdrawn any extra funds in my trading account and will start to slowly build it back up through disciplined trading. It means nothing that I've been successful for 10 years, the market isn't going to give me a dime because of that.

In a happy coincidence, the HCPG collective have started to update their blog again. This is good because they take a very clear-eyed and unbiased look at the market each day. Very helpful if you're looking for some sort of anchor.

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HPT said...

good post. Told like a warrior.