Friday, April 17, 2009

The RO Report, "Pruned" Edition

My day was hijacked by a crew of tree pruners.

There I was long 5,000 WFC just as it was breaking $20, when I heard a knock down on the door. "Be down in a minute!" I yelled. More knocking. WFC dipped below $20... FUCK! I sold 4000 and answered the door.

A man who couldn't speak English was trying to ask me if he could climb a tree on my property to remove a tree from my neighbor's property. Sure, I said. Knock yourself out. Then, I decided to hire him and his crew to prune a tree on our yard. Back upstairs I cursed as I saw WFC printing $20.20.

After that I basically went on tilt, trading close to 300k shares today and placing more trades than everyone in the RO besides "Trader D" who, as you all know, is a total crackhead. Anyway, I didn't beat commissions... not by a long shot.

It was a mixed day. Out of 32 traders, 20 were gross positive or 64%. 7 traders made over $1,000 gross and 6 lost over $1,000 gross. I was 8 out of 32 but net negative due to my crackheaded tendencies. Not blasted, but not happy either.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader D, $10,447 on 362k shares traded.

2. Trader B,
$5,324 on 369k shares traded.
3. Trader H*,
$3,762 on 16,066 shares traded.
4. Trader O,
$2,610 on 21,000 shares traded.
5. Trader Z,
$2,181 on 180k shares traded.

"Chambermaid" - Trader A, -$11,459 on 267k shares traded.

2. Trader V,
-$2,980 on 49,400 shares traded.
3. Trader F,
-$2,059 on 187k shares traded.
4. Trader C,
-$1,450 on 264k shares traded.
5. Trader P,
-$1,192 on 284k shares traded.

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