Tuesday, April 7, 2009

George Soros's Bottom

Gross title, right?

Anyway, I don't have too much of an opinion on George Soros. I'm guessing if I did a little research that I could easily find a few reasons to hate on him. Like, I'm sure his carbon footprint is fucking enormous.

Okay wait, I do have a legitimate reason to hate him. I just read that he thinks The Bottom will look like "an inverted square root sign."

Seriously dude, WTF? Lets just stick to letters of the alphabet. The square root, in my mind, has had a flawless reputation since the 5th or 6th grade. Why you want to drag it into the global economic meltdown is besides me.

Meanwhile, I just inverted a square root sign and to me, it looks like an uptrend. You're confusing me with this bullshit and your fake "whereever you come from (not America)" accent.

Anyway, here's the full article. He sounds really gloomy and depressed. It could be the economy doing that to him, but I think it's possible that it's his face too.

Man I'm in a vile mood.


Anonymous said...
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Dinosaur Trader said...

Re-write that without the racist epithet and I'll let it stick.


Reformed Broker said...

heres he takedown on soros

yes, hes a holocaust survivor and much of his family did not survive.

yes, hes a billionaire and is a great trader.

ok, so those two circumstances have given him the leeway to be a real motherfucker and id say the clock on that free pass has run out right about now

heres the soros rundown that no one has the balls to recount

he lives in america and is flagrantly anti-american. he wants to legalize heroin. he is boys with arrianna huffington. he is a war profiteer. he is rooting for the us banking system's collapse and subsequent economic armageddon. he gets short and then uses his clout to get on tv to flog his negative viewpoint to increase his profits. just think if you could take a trading position and then go out and do interviews to make that position work out.

fuck george soros, stanley druckenmiller was the engine behind quantum fund, anyway

Anonymous said...

feel free to subsititue 'cj' w/ 'tuskan raiders'

marc said...

He is brilliant, an amazing trader and can see many levels to the market.

He knew Bush was a loser, so people in that loser misfit party hate him now.

Give the guy respect he has been right all along and making money as well.

Anonymous said...

well his viewpoint didn't help his last yen short...in fact, it didn't help him with his first one either...and despite those six hundred millions he still had traders working for him that developed his winning positions...so i dunno what to think about the guy beyond his obvious gift for apprehending the macro picture...except that in an undemocratic country he would have been kneecapped a long time ago...or he would have been doing it to someone else. he's lucky to have escaped his roots. gotta respect him for that. he's what this country is all about, in fact, and despite claims that he is "anti-American" he is more so than most.

marc said...

You should be able to say what you want in America. He is one of the few that does and can get away with it because he is a billionaire.

You have to respect that. I would rather hear what he has to say than what Bush or any of the other lying CEOs has to say.