Friday, March 20, 2009

Week In Review, "ShittyGroup" Edition

The US Is Facing A Weimar Moment

Some of you may know what the "bangbus" is... you know who you are. Anyway, now there's the "helpful bus." This clip is somewhat safe for work, but you wouldn't want to have to explain it...

I've always thought that figs were evil... pure fucking evil. Now I know why.

Shell Owes Pension $6 Billion, Kills Solar and Wind Projects.

Chocolate Skittles: Like Being Mouth Raped By Candy.

Speaking of mouth rape... Tyler is back from vacation and printing money.

The Reformed Broker redefines some common financial terms to better suit the times.

Okay, let's get back to mouth rape, shall we? NYSE to pay traders for adding liquidity.

Am I the only stock blogger not selling anything? Jesus. Question... what should I sell?

LOLFed explains what B-O-N-U-S really spells.

I haven't watched hockey all year even though I'd say it's my favorite sport to watch. More of this and I might watch more... (NSFW)

UPDATE: I'm on Twitter now. Why? I don't know... all the cool kids are doing it. Follow along if you need more noise in your day.


Stewie said...

shares of shitty group. LOL!! awesome.

The Reformed Broker said...

loved the skittles link, Laugh Out Loud!


Dinosaur Trader said...

Shittles, you mean?

I just like the term "mouth raped." I'm going to use that all weekend.


Tyler said...


Thanks for mentioning my site.

When I first read the post I was thinking, "What are the chances of another Tyler being on vacation last week?".

Then I realized it was a link to Am I Bald?. That is two times I have been mentioned on your site and I have to tell you that it is pretty exciting!


Dinosaur Trader said...

I was pretty excited about it too!

BTW, "amibold" is still available...

Great site though.


Tyler said...


I own it now. However, I am more bald than bold.


Dinosister said...

you make fun of facebook yet now you are doing the even more mainstream TWITTER? Don't ever make fun of me again, ass munch, LOL!