Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Speech By Obama

While it is already being derided by so called "first tier" bloggers, I will submit that it's much nicer to have a President who sets lofty goals during a time of crisis, instead of one who tells you to "go shop."


mdawsz said...

I can't read ibc anymore. I'd rather light my hair on fire while drinking gasoline.


The Fly said...

Fuck you.

Dinosaur Trader said...


To everyone else, this blog is free. Fly, you'll need to shoot me $49.95 monthly to paypal.


john said...

Better than GWB is a pretty low bar.

Spending $trillions of OPM on pol-awarded contracts and on energy technologies that win political favor is a terrible way to piss away our future.

Why should a guy who is trying to invent "Mr. Fusion" in his garage have to subsidize solar? Why should a guy with a high school education who picks up our garbage have to subsidize Buffy's college education.

Anyway, the speech was a lot more about what government can do for you, than what you can do for your country. Just more government - more crack. What we need is