Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day

Today is "blogroll amnesty day" which you can read about in depth over at Jon Swift's blog.

It's the only holiday celebrated by the blogosphere and a great idea. I keep my blogroll tight because I like to visit the blogs on it at least a few times a week, but there are many more I would add if I had loads of time/space. Please take a moment to visit these great trading blogs.

(Except Richie's... I'm just throwing that up there because it was hijacked and I think it's hilarious.)

UPDATE: Unfortunately, someone got their blog back. Link removed.


Stock Rookie Goes Pro

Am I Bald?

Todd's Trade

Jules In Jumbles


Stock Hunter

Stock Picks

Market Monk


Tyler said...


Thanks for the link. I am "big time" now. One day I will make it to the permanent list. One day.

Am I Bald?

Anonymous said...

little 2richforu hack made my day

Dinosaur Trader said...


I'm on my way back to the depths of the third-tier. Soon, I'll be begging you for links... and food.


FX said...

Dinosaur!! You should start using rss reader :-)

btw. I really like and appreciate extra effort you are putting into your blog this year, with new programs. My 2cents as a reader.

Charlie G. said...

Thanks for the plug! Yes, the extra work on your blog is a nice bonus recently.

The hacked site is pretty funny since he was so loud...it was all a caricature, right - so the hack is too?

Jules said...

Thanks, DT!
Loving the attention. :-)

little2rich4u said...


You dumb fuck with the dumbest fucked up stories known to man. FUCK YOU.

sage08 said...

DT, thks for the link. I can do with some publicity.

Anonymous said...


He actually lost his blog again, by using the same password AGAIN.

So little2rich4u's blog, is HACKED again.

Its the funniest thing ever.