Friday, January 23, 2009


- Which 3 traders from the RO are pictured here?

John Thain spent 1.2 million to redecorate his fucking office. Here's a list of some of the more egregious items. How about $35k for a toilet?

Exclusive footage of "the Fly" at his block party in Staten Island.

Ray parses the new Neil Young song in which he takes shots at Wall Street. Is Neil Young a hypocrite though or what? I mean, here he is cashing in on the bailout while complaining about rich dudes...

New conspiracy theory... despite loads of anecdotal evidence, Americans aren't dumb. Instead, Europeans just set up pictures on the Internet of dumb Europeans and call them Americans.

The HCPG guys are posting to their blog again. Like animals, actually... Here they post a transcript of a recent Warren Buffett interview. They wish "out loud," that there were more men in the world like Buffett. My guess, they really just wish there were more men in the world...

Howard complains about the cost of the Obama inauguration and draws my ire. Actually, Howard, it had nothing to do with the inauguration thing... I just hate the phrase "Color me ____"

More ire was drawn this week when Henry Blodgett described his plan to save the NY Times. James Surowiecki disagreed. Actually, I'm just posting this link because I want to be hired by the New Yorker. Quick, everyone click on James Surowiecki name NOW! Okay, Mr. Surowiecki, now that I have your attention... SAVE ME! I'm a stock trader but I want to live on a farm in Maine and write about the dawn and the sound that loons make swimming on dark empty ponds. Email me dude. Thx.

But look, if Surowiecki won't help me out, perhaps Jon Stewart will. In fact, if I had a half hour to live and the choice between watching The Daily Show or reading The New Yorker, I'd pick watching The Daily Show. Okay, quick! Everyone click on Jon Stewart's name NOW! Mr. Stewart, how's it going? Look, SAVE ME! I'm a stock trader, I run a third-tier blog, but what I really want to do is live in NYC and poke fun at politicians that I hate! Email me dude. Thx.

A neat list of where all that TARP money went.

Rick Sanchez tears "Joe the Plumber" a new one.

But before you start thinking I like Rick Sanchez, let me share with you one of my favorite video clips ever... "Do it!"

You're a racist.

Diane Sawyer got a little wasted at the inauguration.

I am a member of the Wolfpak, I admit...

Trader X is revamping his blogroll. In an effort to "guilt him" into including me on his, I will link him here.

Okay, that's it. I know I engaged in lots of "third-tier" behavior this week (especially in this post, sheesh!) and didn't write one history or around the house piece and I apologize. Just know that next week will be the best week ever here. I already have an around the house post set to go for Thursday and a history post nearly complete for Wednesday.

Don't miss them. Because soon, when I'm a writer for The New Yorker/The Daily Show, you'll be able to say you knew me back when I was "third-tier."


Trader-X said...

Rick Sanchez is a douche. But Joe the Plumber is a bigger douche. Talk about you 15-minutes being over...

"My guess, they really just wish there was more men in the world..." - the best line of the week.

Thanks for linking to me. That whole blogroll thing was an elaborate ploy for you to include me in your linkday post. Mission Accomplished.

Trader-X said...

Check this out:

Dinosaur Trader said...


You win again. And in fact, you pointed out a grammatical error to me.

As for the Twitter thing, pretty amazing. I sometimes think I should find out more about Twitter, but I can't handle another addiction right now.


Ray Pellecchia said...

Dino Dude -- Thanks for the link and I love you but respectfully, I think you have Neil all wrong.

I bet he won't even commercially release this song; I know he didn't with "This Note's For You," his direct slap against musicians selling out; and his "Let's Roll" tribute to the Flight 93 heroes on 9/11. Neil is real, and I respect him for keeping it that way. Just sayin'.

Love the history posts and the other different stuff you're doing lately. Long may you run.

Best regards,

Dinosaur Trader said...


My father, a big fan of Neil, applauds your standing up for him.

And I trust that you're right on this issue as well. I'm not informed on Neil...