Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Slow

Interesting fact: It will take you 30-40 seconds to read this post, but it will take me 12 days to write it.

Anyway, we went away this weekend and instead of slaving away in front of my laptop to craft a history post, or to finish the multitude of around the house posts that I have partially finished, or to figure out how to get the ball rolling in the "book club," I hung out with my friends and family and spent some time cross-country skiing.

In short, I've fallen behind and besides the RO posts, I don't know what you can expect from this blog for the rest of the week.

We will see. Perhaps I will get a history post done, or maybe I'll discuss getting surrounded by barefoot "yoga people" while clinging to a Wizard of Oz lunchbox. The point is, I have lots of catching up to do around here. Patience.

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