Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The RO Report, "New Countertop" Edition

We had a new countertop installed in our kitchen today. Let me tell you, the epoxy those guys used to glue that mother down is some heavy shit. I was half high all day long, making non-sensical trades while assaulting "Trader D" via our office chat room.

It was fun. I traded lightly... I was happy.

Not everyone in the office had fun today. You'll notice that Trader C, "George Michaeled" himself by having both his intraday account and his swing account take the bottom two spots in the office. Many of you would say, "Wow, that's bad," but I'll have you know, Trader C is a sick fucker, and probably likes massive doses of pain now and then. It makes him feel more alive.

Otherwise, it was a fairly quiet day. The volume was light, and as I wrote yesterday, a pullback to this level would be healthy. We go lower on higher volume, and I'd be concerned about the state of the rally.

Anyway, out of 26 traders today, 19 finished gross positive, or 73%. 9 traders made over $1,000 gross, while 4 traders lost over $1,000 gross. I was #9 of 26.

I also want to point out that today marked the first trading day for "Trader X," a trader who found our office through this blog. There was an old "Trader X" but he quit to work another job full time. So I saved the excellent letter X for the first DT trader.

Hopefully, before long, he'll be a Boss. Godspeed, "Trader X."

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader Z, $10,699 on 153k shares traded.

2. Trader A, $9,111 on 120k shares traded.
3. Trader N, $8,432 on 146k shares traded.
4. Trader B, $8,001 on 538k shares traded.
5. Trader D, $5,793 on 137k shares traded.

"George Michael" - Trader C, -$6,233 on 156k shares traded.
2. Trader 9*, -$4,364 on 1,300 shares traded.

3. Trader 10*, -$3,788 on 3,300 shares traded.
4. Trader P, -$1,196 on 158k shares traded.
5. Trader R, -$642 on 34,040 shares traded.


Attitude Trader said...

Are you serious? You used "Trader X?"

That's just going to wreak confused havoc all over the place.

And he'd better get really good, really fast if he's going to do the "X" brand name proud.



Dinosaur Trader said...

Well, let's not put too much pressure on the dude.

That might lead him to have some negative thoughts.


Attitude Trader said...

The pressure isn't on him.

You're the one that named him "X"...


Attitude Trader said...

I had a difficult time sleeping last night after making the above comment. I'm tired and jittery now for two reasons:

First: when I made that comment I was of course laughing to myself and enjoying my own scathing wit. But as the evening progressed and I didn't get another reply I became uneasy. Why wasn't DT responding? Had I offended him? Had I offended the "New X?" It also bothered me that no one else was commenting. I thought this would have been a hot topic. Had I unknowingly tread on sanctified territory?

Then my imagination went to work providing me with thoughts; horrible thoughts that danced in my mind like tiny white-hot sparks stinging me as each took its turn at the forefront.

The physical response was inevitable - a certain part of my body began an involuntary puckering as the worst thought yet entered my mind: "He's taking his time fabricating an epic "ass-blasting" just for me, the likes of which I have never seen."

That's the place where I now stand - mentally tattered and physically spent (not to mention the muscle soreness in that certain part of my body).

And second: already being keenly aware of DT's penchant for eloquent writing and good grammar I had an additional splinter in my mind knowing that I had made an error in grammar in that previous comment. The word "that" should really be "who," no?


Dinosaur Trader said...


That's one of the better comments this blog has ever seen.

I let it go because I thought you were perhaps right. As for why no one else commented, for whatever reason, yesterday was a very slow day here at the blog. I think it's because my blogging was very third-tier.

I'll try and be worthy of such great comments today.