Monday, December 22, 2008


Dancing on the grave of 2008 before it has officially passed may be in poor taste, but did 2008 care about you when it fucked your 401k account? NO.

2008 was a total dick.

The best thing you could say about 2008 is that it was a good year for blogging about the stock market. Everyday, some new scandal broke and some significant level was breached.

It was epic and that's why there are many great links here, all chosen by the people who wrote them.

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Dinosaur Trader
- "Another Lesson In Perspective" Watching a near death experience helped me get my head back on straight.

The Fly - "The Important Matter Of Mother Market" In his humorous style, "the Fly" details one of his few losing days during which Mother Market kicked his ass.

Hybridtalk (Exchanges) - "The Difference Between NYSE And Nasdaq: Who Is Master, Man Or Machine?" A must read post in which Ray spells out exactly, and with numbers and actual trades, why the NYSE is better than Nasdaq, for traders and issuers.

Wall Street Warrior - "Simple Analysis To Understand Fibonacci" Jamie explains where he places Fibonacci lines and shows how they often are useful to map out entry and exit points even if you don't fully understand the math behind them.

Danny - "Bro, I Totally Feel You" Danny gets drunk on "White Rhinos" and gets philosophical about investing in the stock market.

Trader X - "Fibonacci Lines, Indicators, And The Holy Grail" Indispensable information from X about the ways he uses Fibonacci. As important as the specifics are, his focus on getting his readers to develop their own methodology is what makes this post special.

Daily Options Report - "Who Has That Box Of Plus-Ticks?" Adam speculates on the rumors from September that the SEC was about to re-institute the "plus tick rule." He also discusses how changing the rule close to an options expiration creates the maximum market impact due to "Gamma," which he explains in detail.

Afraid To Trade - "How I Set Up My Charts" Corey details which technical indicators he uses on his charts when he trades, why he uses them and how each of the indicators works.

Wall Street Fighter - "10 Most Vulgar Ticker Symbols" An excellent title... the vulgar symbols and the specifics about the companies, all dappled with humor.

Attitude Trader - "Attitude Adjustment Series: What Am I Looking Forward To?" AT discusses how asking himself a simple question has helped his trading performance and life in general.

Dogwood - "This Is Why They Suck" The title refers to GM, specifically the Volt hybrid concept vehicle. Dog is pissed that instead of making a bold statement, GM watered down the design of the car and he fears it won't be able to compete with its Asian counterparts.

Jon Swift - "Great Moments In Election-Year Blogging" The one non-stock market blogger invited to join the BSMBP, and the man who gave me the idea for the BSMBP in the first place, Jon Swift is a well-known, politically conservative, blogger. In this post, he details some of the more important stories reported by the conservative blogosphere that the "mainstream, liberal media" unjustly ignored.

Alphatrends - "Some Historical Bear Market Perspective" Another great title, in this post Brian compares the market action at the end of 2000 with some of the uglier bear markets of the past.

Howard Lindzon - "Commodity Boom... OVER?" Not a bad call... this back when crude, X and FCX were trading close to $100. "Uncle Howard" offers perspective and the following advice: preserve your capital and invest in yourself.

The Big Picture - "On Writing" Barry details all of the things that surprised him about writing his first book and why it's not all a "moveable feast."

Slope Of Hope - "November" Tim hilariously parodies a movie scene that features a frustrated Hitler/stock blogger. Almost as funny as his parody of HPT's blowup video.

Zen Trader - "I Am" A post about visualizing trading success. Sounds like him and Attitude Trader have a lot to discuss.

Stewie - "My PnL Excel Sheet" Stewie details the way he uses his P&L spread sheet in order to spot if he's overtrading.

Ragin Cajun - "Don't Be An Asshat!" A video produced by Cajun that unforgettably puts faces to some of the more "egregious" predictions made this year.

High Chart Patterns - "Excerpt From (What Will Be) Today's Newsletter" The HCPG crew is the best at dissecting their trades in an educational way. In this post, they discuss a successful trade in DRYS (back when it was $80, ha!) that met all of their criteria.

MovetheMarkets - "3 Live Scalp Trades On The ES Futures" Richard hypnotizes me with his soothing voice and technical indicators... best of all, he does it live. Really, watching these videos is sorta like watching a horror movie... you're like, "TAKE THE PROFIT MAN!!! TAKE IT!"

OONR7 - "Same Old Story" A funny post about not respecting your trading rules... I've been there man.

Complacent Panda - "Making Money With Simple Point And Figure Support & Resistance Trendlines" Another nice title. CP shows how point and figure charting reduces a lot of the noise inherent in other charting techniques.

OBAT - "Monster Stocks" Using graphs of stocks that are showing "bubble characteristics" OBAT reminds us that what goes up normally comes back down... hard.

Timmay! - "Ashley Dupre Girls Gone Wild Pics, aka It Never Ends" Ironically, a stock market blog post that was more "porn" than stock market, perhaps Timmay is onto something after all!

FX - "Gamblers State Of Mind" FX struggles with the proper mindset necessary for trading. Would it be better to treat it all like Monopoly money? Like it's just a game?

Stock Hunter - "Trading Results For 10-01-08, And A Hunting Story" SH goes hunting with his father. As with trading, perseverence pays off in the end.

The Essentials Of Trading - "The Secret To Trading Success" Here it is, the post you've been waiting your whole life to read... wait a second... I'm going to spoil it for you with a direct quote from the post... here goes... "There is no single secret to successful trading!" The post title is a LIE! Or is it?

Stock Rookie - "Poker Discipline" A solid post that makes 6 pertinent comparisons between trading and poker rules. However, my question is this... is it healthy to "play poker on my phone, mostly while I'm watching TV?"


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