Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wassup? Change.

(h/t "Trader O")

NOTE: If you know the old commercial well, you can skip to the 1:00 mark.


joshtrader1 said...

dt, I really like your blog but one thing I do not understand is your love for obamma. Is it just your distain for bush, or are there things that obama stands for that you like. I cant find one thing that obama said he wants to do that I would stand behind.

Dinosaur Trader said...


While my disdain for the current administration runs extremely deep due largely to how they handled things after 9/11, I also genuinely like Obama.

He's a smart guy, and Presidents should be smart intellectual types, not cowboys. I think he'll be a great compromiser, and I think that's exactly what our country needs right now after years of division.

As for McCain, I liked him in 2000. But Palin has got to be the worst VP pick ever. I couldn't even consider voting for him now. She'd be a good joke if she wasn't so damn scary.