Thursday, November 20, 2008

The RO Report, "Dinner With The Gods" Edition

I'm driving into the big city tonight so that the RO can take me out to dinner and buy me drinks and women.

Needless to say, the RO report will be egregiously late.

Also, the RO kicked ass...

UPDATE: Okay, here we go. I'm tired and drunk, so no analysis. I'm in Trader P's empty apartment, another victim of the "housing crisis."

Out of 27 traders today, 18 were gross positive, or 67%. 14 traders made over $1,000 gross and 6 lost over $1,000 gross. I was #12 of 27, simply okay.

The Bosses came back in a big way today, really taking it to the Manservants in an uncomfortable, "non-lubricated" sort of way.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader D, $54,547 on 813k shares traded.

2. Trader B, $45,347 on 995k shares traded.
3. Trader E, $22,261 on 191k shares traded.
4. Trader C, $21,475 on 272k shares traded.
5. Trader P, $13,965 on 259k shares traded.

And the Manservants...

"Chambermaid" - Trader H*, -$14,747 on 8,400 shares traded.

2. Trader 10*, -$2,358 on 8,400 shares traded.
3. Trader J, -$2,219 on 183k shares traded.
4. Trader 6*, -$1,555 on 0 shares traded.
5. Trader 3, -$1,176 on 14,400 shares traded.

I'll be trading from the physical RO tomorrow. I haven't traded in the big city for years. I haven't traded next to real people for years. I'm almost sure that means I'll get really smoked. Still, I'm looking forward to it.

As I puzzled over the cost of the dinner tonight, "Trader B" told me I need to stop thinking about money. Make a lot, spend a lot, lose a lot. If you're going to be a good trader, there's something to that...


Pete said...

don't be a cheap southern dirtee jerz bridge and tunnel type and refuse to tip Manny the bathroom attendant at scores

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's our update?

We pay good money for these subscriptions so start writing...if you're sober enough to do so.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, my day is complete now.

Soulfire said...

Looks like Trader D almost made both "Lucky Pierre" and "Chambermaid" simultaneously. You'll have to think of a term for that.

Jd said...

UPDATE: DT "couldn't" sleep last night, big city was "too noisy" so he got in his "little car" at four fucking am and drove home...

ademola said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for some time now. always inspiring. I have some questions I'd like to ask you. Is there a way to PM you or email you?

Dinosaur Trader said...

While it's true I left the city last night at 4am, it wasn't because of the noisy city. It's because I wanted to see the sunrise while driving towards it, at 85mph.

I'm complex and romantic like that.

@ademola, check under my profile.


OBAT said...

I like the phrase.

"Stop thinking about money. Make a lot, spend a lot, lose a lot."

Sounds profound.