Monday, November 10, 2008

Husker Du, "Chartered Trips," Frank Black, "Headache," The Field, "From Here We Go Sublime"

Volume today is already tracking very low and it's only 10:15. We have no major economic news all week and the indexes, unfortunately, could be setting up for some low volume consolidation.

This is probably good for you swing traders, but bad for active daytraders.

I'm just guessing here. Anyway, I'm gonna listen to some music and take it easy with the trade until I see some intriguing reason to enter the market. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, if you're not a fan of rock, and like trippy electronic music, be sure to check out that track by The Field.


5holeSAVE said...

ho hum. another booooooring day on the island of piiiiigi pigi...

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yeah, there was a nice gap fade, but the volume is pretty bad.

Most of the RO just treading water or down a bit.